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Do You Need An FN Blueprint?

Do you have a child that was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and you feel overwhelmed with where to start?

Are you dealing with a child in pain or a child who has lost weight?

Are you a busy parent who struggles with getting quick and healthy gluten-free meals on the table during the week?

Do you have a gluten-free AND picky eater?

Do you worry about setting a good example with nutrition for your children?

If you answered “YES” to any of the previous questions then you’re in the right place! Family Nutrition Blueprint was initially founded to help simplify the ever-changing research for busy families. Our own family blueprint changed when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in November 2023. Our new mission is to take the stress out of understanding how to go gluten-free with a school-age child and still meet their nutrition requirements … all while making sure that you are providing the right nutrition foundation. Let’s give you the FN Blueprint to get healthy gluten-free meals on the table and raise confident eaters!

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